Summary 2013

2013 is nearly over and it has been a great year for me and my family. In short version that means that this is the year when we: had our first (hopefully not last) trip to USA, our youngest son started in school, my oldest son moved out (to his grandma so all is good)…we were in Spain this fall after having a warm and nice summer here in Norway and Denmark. Our children have unforgettable memories from meeting family in all of those places. Having family “world wide” makes is possible to travel more with small children – and this year WE HAVE 🙂 

New Years eve will be my last workday at my current job and I am looking forward to being a “housewife” for a while. That is for the first time in my life! The children, our marriage and the household will certainly benefit from having a less stressed out mother in the home. 

Hopefully it will also give us more opportunities to meet our family both near and far, and already in the spring 2014 we are planning a trip to Iceland. Got really good plane tickets earlier this winter and are looking forward to swimming in the hot tubs and meet my family in Iceland. Is just starting to learn that good planning gets you everywhere!!

So, friends and family, hope to see you in 2014 – put some effort into keeping in touch – we certainly will 🙂

Wish you all a happy new year 2014

(btw…my first BLOG ever!)